Everybody loves to travel, but nobody likes to carry the luggage

That’s why we created Bringit.

Bringit is a platform developed to revolutionize the travel experience by alleviating the hassle of carrying your luggage when you travel. Our technologies allows users to travel with no luggage in hand upon landing or before departing, saving time and simplifying the travel experience with a peace of mind. Bringit is creating a First Class added value for Hotels and Airlines affiliated among with the introduction of the New Cargo Crowed Service model. Bringit Technologies is creating a new culture of traveling Hands-Free.

Bringit technologies is an East Coast Startup with the vision to change the way people travel. The company uses the analogy of the elevator. When the elevators were introduced to the market for the first time, people had to pay to use them. Nowadays we enter to a building and we use the elevator by default and somehow is paid and is part of our regular basis. We can achieve the same results in the travel industry with the introduction of the travel Hands-Free culture.