Have questions?

Can I use the service if I have oversized luggage?

Yes. You can use the service with your oversize luggage, but please, keep in mind that maximum wwight limit for all bookings is 50 lbs. We cannot take bags over this weight for the health and safety of our handlers and drivers.

What are the Bringit baggage weight limits?

Anything 50 lbs and over is deemed oversize. Bringit will not transport any luggage over 50 lbs.

Do you accept sports equipment?

No not at this time. Please check back with us soon as we will offer this service in the future!

Do you offer luggage storage?

No not at this time. Please check back with us soon as we will offer this service in the future!

Can you pick up my bags from the Baggage Claim when I land?

Yes, only for domestic passengers, we will have our Land & Go option. This allows a Bringit handler to pick up your luggage from Baggage Claim and be sent directly to your destination.

Existing regulations and travel restrictions on international flights require passengers to collect their own luggage from the baggage claim and take it through customs with them. However, once you have collected your bags you can request our service and a Bringit Ambassador will will match with you in Arrivals to be delivered to your destination of choice.

What are your operating hours?


How much does Bring it cost?

Bringit is $25 for up to 2 bags. Each additional bag is $10 per bag no matter the size. This flat rate is based on a 10 mile radius from the airport. Each additional mile is $1 per mile.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password visit the log in page and select ‘Forgot password?’. You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

What information do I need to request Bringit?

To request Bringit services you will need your profile information, credit card, destination address, number of bags, and travel dates.

How far in advance do I need to book?

As long as you have your travel information you can request Bringit services. To request your luggage to be picked up from Baggage Claim you need to do it after you checked your luggage with your airline, then you can upload the picture of you Baggage Claim Ticket trough our menu bar > Baggage Claim ticket.

When will my luggage be delivered?

Bringit promises your luggage to be delivered within 4 hours of the time it is picked up with our Ambassadors.

How do I redeem a promotional code?

In the payment section you have a space to enter your promo code.

How do you know which bag is mine?

Based on you Baggage Claim Ticket and the description you provide. All the luggage we collect we photograph them and secure them with a Bringit cover. The photograph and reference number is stored within our dashboard app so that we know it is your bag.

How can I make changes to my order?

You have to call us or email us. Please, confirm with our team you changes before is too late.

What happens if your luggage is damaged or any items are missing?

If your luggage is damaged or you have a missing item you can contact our customer service center or file a claim online.

Can someone add or remove anything from my luggage?

No. Bringit services will transport your bag in a safe matter. We seal you luggage with a cover and a security plastic band.

Will my bags be stored and transported safely?

Seurity is our top priority. Our technologies and processes ensure a secure chain of custody from the point of origin to when it reaches its final destination.

Does Bringit provide the service from the hotel to the aiport?

Not at the moment, it is coming soon.