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How it works?

Our price is simple

$ 25 each way

up to 2 bags

in a 10 miles radius

from the airport

Standard service delivered within 4hrs.
Other services available.

Make your next trip hands-free.

Scheduling the service is as easy as hailing an Uber or ordering a pizza. All it takes is a few taps within our web app and your luggage delivery will be arranged.

Watch our video to learn more.

Delivery estimate

Estimate is based on the miles measured from pickup to final destination and includes two bags for delivery. * Additional fees may apply during booking.

Security features

Travel with ease when using Bringit. At every pickup, our couriers take extra steps to make sure your luggage is secure and tamper-proof. Each delivery is tracked and insured.

Real-time tracking

Get notified and track your bags from the point of pickup to final delivery.

Insured up to $1,500

Our standard services includes an insurance of up to $1,500.

Sealed tamper proof

Tagged at every pick-up. Tamper proof so no one gets in but you.

Chain of custody

Including locations, time, the status of the luggage and who’s responsible.

Hotel Affiliates

Make your hotel standout with our innovative
luggage delivery service for your guest.

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