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Our Company

Bringit Services INC is a Tech-delivery company that creates solutions that enhances the travel experience.
Our platform eliminates the hassle of carrying luggage when you travel through an on-demand pick-up and same-day delivery Smart Luggage Concierge Service.

Our goal is to scale worldwide, generating value to cities, airports, airlines, hotels, credit cards and develop our own segment as a Smart Luggage Concierge in the travel delivery-tech industry.

Our Team

We believe we have the best package to attract and maintain talented team members while aligning our strategies with our sustainability vision.

Our management strategies encourage people to be creative, to have ideas about how to improve our day to day practices and to get the best out of all our team.

Israel Arellano


Marketing expert, pioneer with augmented reality and mapping technologies, with more than 15 years of experience in innovation, business, and tech fields.

Giampaolo Guarino


Former Finance Director for Telecom IT and Former Executive of Brightstar. With an outstanding performance tied with marketing, operations and finances.

Michael Restovich


Served as Assistant Administrator of TSA Security Operations and as a Senior Executive, where he worked in key capacities at headquarters and in the field, overseeing 450 airports.

Vi Powills


Head of Business

Highly regarded Business Developer. Awarded in the Finances field for her latest achievements; solid background in cap-raise strategies.

Peter Lobanov


Head of Marketing

A creative with 7 years in product design, brand development, marketing, and creative direction. Has two previous exits in the entrepreneur world.

Our Mission

We are changing the way people travel, adding simplicity, security and efficiency to the action of traveling. In Bringit​ we are revolutionizing the travel experience by taking away the hassle of carrying the luggage when you travel. We are creating a new culture of traveling Hands-Free.

Our Uniqueness

Different Product & Coolture – on-demand services, same day delivery, tracking services and the only one available through an intuitive technology platform combined with an attractive corporate culture, make us unique.

Our price – is designed to be used by the masses. Our strategy is to be an affordable product with a premium feeling.

Global disruption – We plan to continue to grow our network, with more U.S. airports and International cities as well.