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Unfortunately, as of now we do not check-in luggage for passengers. You will have to meet our ambassadors at your airline counter to check-in your luggage.
A Bringit ambassador is an airport certified ambassador that is cleared by all TSA
For pickup and deliveries made outside the 10 mile radius, it is an additional $1 fee per mile.
Each bag is insured up to $1,500 incase it is damaged, tampered with, or lost. Please contact customer support to file a claim.
If you need to get in touch with your courier or ambassador, please contact us directly at +1 (888) 576-7655.
Yes, you are still responsible for paying your airline fee per checked bag.
For airport pickup, you must clear customs with your luggage. Once you’ve cleared customs, you will receive a prompt notification to meet our ambassador in the public area.
You can send up to two pieces of luggage for $25. Additional luggage is $5 extra.
If you missed a delivery, we will re-attempt to deliver the next day or you can contact us directly to pickup your luggage from our public area.

If you missed your pickup courier, you will be charged the full cost of the delivery.
Deliveries to hotel, office, and residences are usually made within 4 hours after arrival time. Delivery requests to the airport need to be placed 4 hours prior to the departure time.
When your bags are delivered to the airport, you will receive an SMS notification that will prompt you to let the ambassador know when you’ve arrived. Once you’ve arrive at the airport, the ambassador will ask you, which airline counter you would like the ambassador to greet you.
Once the luggage has been picked up, the courier wraps the bag with a recyclable/reusable tamper proof sleeve that is sealed with a unique number and QR code for tracking. In addition, each bag is insured up to $1,500 incase it is damaged or lost.
Each Bringit courier and ambassador is employed directly by Bringit. All of our couriers and ambassador have to go through a thorough and extensive background check that even passes TSA requirements.
If you don’t upload you baggage claim receipt, you will have to meet our airport ambassador at the baggage claim area to hand off your bags in person. We strongly recommend to upload your baggage claim receipt to enjoy the hands-free experience.
As of now, we do not have an public kiosk at any airports we are servicing. Public kiosks will be available late 2019 at selected airports.
Yes, we can pick up and deliver your luggage just about anywhere.
Currently, we are operating in Miami International Airport. Our service will be available in JFK, LGA, and LAX summer of 2019.
No. Your luggage must travel with you on the same flight.